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Dr. Barbara McKnight has conducted non-interference research on the behavior of Tsavo elephants at the population and known individual levels for 30+ years. Many of the known bull and families have been monitored for two-decades. She works full time in Tsavo studying elephant behavior focusing on the short and long-term influences of environmental conditions and human activities on Tsavo elephants: age-sex structure, group dynamics, reproductive patterns, habitat use and core range. Her current studies focus on known bull social dynamics and bonds. Her team focuses on family dynamics.

She has also studied elephant behavior on private land adjacent to Tsavo: elephant numbers, group structure, temporal-spatial distribution and movements of known individuals between the National Park and private land. Before starting research on elephant behavior, Barbara studied the behaviors of whales and dolphins, off the coast of California. She worked for two years in Ethiopia with the Peace Corps. Barbara received her Ph.D. and M.Sc. from the University of Oxford, UK and a BA from the University of Northern Colorado, US.


Funds are needed to continue this long-term study on the behaviors of known bulls and families. The objectives are to protect Tsavo elephants and their habitat and secure the future of this research project.

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Tsavo Elephant Research is supported by African Elephant Conservation Research Foundation Barbara is the co-founder of the Kenya registered NGO (OP.218/051/22-132/12677). Email: